Black Widow vs. Dragon Slayer is a campaign for the Savage Worlds Weird War II setting in which the characters crew an American night fighter during the fire bombing of Japan in 1945.

Give ’em Hell!

The characters are part of the 548th Night Fighter Squadron, transferred to Iwo Jima in early 1945. The squadron operates the Northrop P-61 Black Widow, a three-seat night fighter packing plenty of firepower and, more importantly, radar. The Black Widow was designed to counter Axis night operations, whether that means flying combat air patrol against Japanese night bombing raids, sweeping the skies clear over mainland Japan, or escorting B-29s as they target factories from 30,000 feet or rain a hail of incendiaries from 7,000.

This is a Weird War II campaign, and somewhere along the way the players realize that there is more to the nighttime combat ballet than meets the eye…

Return of the Samurai

In return, the Japanese patrol the dark skies in their own twin-engined killers, though none of them have radar—yet. In this aerial campaign the players will have to face down numerous foes—some highly skilled and some not so much—and then live to tell about it. Surprise is the name of the game and the campaign should make good use of surprise and perhaps even the naval engagement rules to simulate the nature of night fighting over Imperial Japan.

Expanding Horizons

The players will want to know all about the setting’s available locations, major characters, unique equipment, and more. Check out the Black Widow Wiki for more information.

Black Widow vs. Dragon Slayer